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The Narrative Object Scholarship
Scholarship Name The Narrative Object Scholarship
Academic Year 2021
Nationality Any
Scholarship Deadline 28 June 2021

Master in Product & Furniture Design

The growing importance of the digital stage has made the ability of a designer product to "hold up" aesthetically both in the real and the virtual scenario of social media. Participants are requested to propose the design of a piece of furniture (for example, but not only a chair, a bookshelf, a lamp, an armchair, a sofa, etc.) characterized by a strong aesthetic connotation that gives the object an original "narrative" content meant as a storytelling that accompanies the product or as a "story" that originates from the product itself. Given that all functional, structural, and use have to be met, the product aesthetics must have the same visual impact and narrative force both in its material version for the real world and in its visual communication for social media. The product must be the "engine" of a story that runs with the same efficiency in the real as well as in the virtual world.

Criteria of participation

The call is open to graduates of degree courses in product and industrial design or architecture already holding a bachelor degree (3 years) or about to graduate by October 2020 or to professionals with relevant experience in the field and with a creative portfolio in line with the areas of product and industrial design, or interior design and architecture.

The winner of the call will be awarded a 100% deduction on the tuition fee (enrolment fee is due), covered by Istituto Marangoni and Cappellini, for the Product & Furniture Design Master’s Course that will be held at the School of Design of the Istituto Marangoni in Milan during the academic year 2021/2022.

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